You Will Lose The Stomach Fat While You Wink

A temperature will begin to rise, the clothes will be reduced, but your stomach for months stay the same.


If you are looking for effective and quick diet that after this you will not restore weight, we suggest you to try the following diet.

The whole point is to avoid carbohydrates. With this diet it will not be a difficult because you have a normal and nutritious meals.

What you should eat?

– Any kind of meat except pork

– Dairy products with less carbohydrates. However, take care about quantity

– Vegetables, everything that is green

– Eggs in all possible ways, and if you want fried maximum use 1 tbsp oil

– Nuts 1 hand daily

– Water, every day 2 – 2.5 liters

What you should not eat?

– Any kind of bread and baked dish

– Fruit

– Potatoes, soy, beans, peas, rice, snacks, sweet

– Juices and sugar

All the permitted should enter from Monday to Saturday, the seventh day, that Sunday for breakfast you can eat pasta, potatoes, rice and everything else except chocolate.

After the expiry of the seventh day, go back to the diet.

With this diet for just one month you will lose about 10 kilos because diet affects and corrupts all fats in every possible way.

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