You Will Be Shocked How This 17-YEAR-OLD GIRL Lost Half Her Weight in Just 1 Year!

Being only 17 years old, Kaitlyin Smith from Portland has already weighed 414 pounds. She used to be depressed as a result of the constant bullying she faced at school and being laughed at. Often people would stare at her and comment on her appearance.

When she decided to undergo a gastric bypass surgery, the doctor was very offensive by telling her that she will never lose weight. But, it didn’t stop her from persuading the goal she wanted to achieve.

Kaitlyn hired a personal trainer and changing her entire lifestyle and diet. She started practicing strict regime with hard work, lot of sweat, tear, but most importantly with lot of determination.

She was aware that she is her own worst enemy, so she tried really hard to throw out the negative thoughts from her head and stop thinking taht she will never achieve her goal.

Kaitlyn was following a weight- loss program which was based in healthy and nutritious food and exercised 6 days in a week. After 15 months full of challenges she faced every day, she could finally look in the mirror and feel proud of herself.

But, losing half of her weight caused another problem – loose excess skin prone to infections. She also suffered from joint pain and mental distress. Since he didn’t have the money to pay for a cosmetic surgery to remove the skin, she started GoFundMe where people could help her gather enough money for the surgery. And that’s when the plastic surgeon Michael Salzhauer stepped in and offered to help. After hearing how much Kaitlyn fought to reach her goal, he offered to do the surgery for free.

She had to undergo three cosmetic surgeries to completely remove the excess skin.

Today she is finally happy with the way she looks and no longer feels depressed, anxious, bitter and unhappy. She started going out and enjoying life, but most importantly, she finally started loving and appreciating herself.


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