Women with Larger Behinds are Healthier and More Intelligent, Study Finds

According researchers, fat distribution is quite important, and the best place to have it is below the waist.

In the Journal of Obesity, scientists write that:

“It is the protective role of lower body, that is [thigh and backside] fat, that is striking. The protective properties of the lower-body fat depot have been confirmed in many studies conducted in subjects with a wide range of age, BMI and co-morbidities.”

Apple-shaped vs. pear-shaped

You’ve probably come across comparisons between body types and fruits. When you do such comparisons, you can identify whether or not you’re on the right track. For instance, pear-shaped body means it’s all good, but apple-shaped body means that you should change your lifestyle for the better.

Belly fat can cause many health problems, while people with extra fat on their hips tend to be healthier.

“There’s a lot of evidence that shows that the fat depots are not the same in the body,” said Dr. Robert Kushner, a professor of medicine specializing in obesity at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago.

Kushner explains that belly fat “is more metabolically active”, which means it has a greater effect on the brain and overall body, whereas fat stored in the lower half tends to be more stable and invokes fewer cytokines or proteins associated with insulin resistance and the onset of diabetes.

“There’s a whole range of these hormonal markers that seem to be more preferentially released from the belly,” he adds.

Regulating weight gain in the brain

Leptin and fat distribution in women are tightly linked. Leptin levels are connected with a bigger derriere as well. The brain of obese people stops responding to the hormone entirely, thus leptin resistance is caused, and this is similar to insulin resistance, reports Elite Daily.

“Having a big butt also favors leptin levels in the female body, which is a hormone responsible for regulating the weight, and the dinopectina, a hormone with anti-inflammatory, vascular-protective and anti-diabetic attributes. The adipose tissue of the buttocks traps harmful fatty particles and prevents cardiovascular disease.”

Big butt equals big brains

To maintain a larger behind, the body requires a big amount of Omega 3, and we all know that Omega 3 boosts brain function, memory and cognitive abilities.

According to research, children born to women with wide hips are more intelligent compared to those conceived by thinner and less curvy mothers.

Source: www.organicandhealthy.org

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