WOMEN BEWARE: A Seemingly Harmless Everyday Habit Can Destroy Your Health!

We all know that many women around the world can’t imagine their everyday lives without having nail gel on. It makes you feel sure that with it, your nails won’t chip and you will always have a perfect manicure. But, it is not all that perfect!

Even though nail gel looks very neat and spares you from putting on nail polish, there is always one big “but”. What damages your nails and your skin around them is not the gel, but the process of applying it, or in other words – the UV exposure.

In order to dry out, the gel needs to be under the UV light, a process that is repeated 3-4 times during the procedure. That’s when danger happens; your nails and skin is exposed under harmful radiation.

According to scientists, the risk of getting skin cancer depends on how often you use the UV lamps. That’s why medical experts advise you to put on a protective factor before exposing your hands under UV light, but it won’t protect you completely.

Another disadvantage of having nail gel is the “addiction” to it. Once you put nail gel, you will probably keep doing it because after removing the gel your nails are weak, fragile and easily breakable.

“I don’t like the fact that they dry out the nail bed tremendously which, over time, makes your nails very brittle which makes them break off easily,” says Jin Soon Choi, a manicure expert.

“Be sure to moisturize your nails and cuticles with Vitamin E oil constantly while you have gel on your nail,” Choi adds.

What is your nail gel experience? Will you continue this routine after learning these facts?

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