Woman Stuns Doctors by Healing Her Own Cancer. These Are The Fruits That Helped Her

When 31 year old Candice Mare Fox was diagnosed with stage 4 thyroid cancer the doctors told her that she has less than 5 years of life. But she sure surprised them!

In 2011 she noticed a lump just above her collar bone and it turned out to be thyroid cancer. Despite initial treatment the cancer spread to other organs. She chose to not continue with chemotherapy after seeing 2 of her friends die from cancer. She was determined that it wasn’t the cancer that killed them, but the treatments themselves. She didn’t take her doctor’s advice and after doing some research she chose to stop harming her body by therapy.

She started eating 3 pineapples every day. She also ate other fruits like grapefruit, lemons, papaya, bananas, apples, and kiwi, and had completely stopped eating animal protein. Her doctors were amazed with the results! After only six months Candice was completely cancer free.

Candice describes this process as starving her own cancer. She learned that the bromelain from the pineapple, kiwi, and papaya destroys the protein layer of the cancer, as opposed to the animal proteins that feed the cancer in such a way, that when a person eats heavy meals their energy is directed towards food indigestion so the body has less energy to heal itself. She saved herself by eating fruits almost all the time.
Tre reason for her miraculous recovery is because of the ability for the bromelain to destroy cancer cells. Candice also got rid of her cosmetics, household cleaning products, quit smoking, and tried to reduce her stress as much as she could, so she threw away everything toxic for her body, toxins that as she says “Feed the cancer”.

She also states that the diet is the most important weapon in the fight against cancer. She also says that alongside nutrition also regular exercises, positive attitude, and even spirituality all play an important role.

Candice is one of the many people who have set good examples of how we can win the fight against cancer aside of the conventional cancer treatment industry and win it in a natural way, in her own way. Just imagine how you can improve your health if you started treating your body in this healthy manner to stop cancer before you are even diagnosed.

Source: healthyfoodhouse.com

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