Woman Rejects Chemo & Overcomes Her Ovarian Cancer With Nutrition

When Evita Ramparte has been feeling constant concerning pain, she visited her doctor and got devastating news: the cause of her pain was a serious case of ovarian cancer. She was told the usual that her only choices are chemo, radiation or surgery, but she refused to believe that those were her only options.

That’s when she decided to consult an alternative health professional and eventually started the regiment of Gerson-styled juicing. She drastically changed her diet and her lifestyle, which according to her cured her cancer.

But, the juicing didn’t only help with the cancer – she successfully removed around 16 or so stones from her gallbladder, stones that are made up of toxic materials that sit within your body and in many cases lead to gallbladder removal surgeries once the mainstream medical establishment becomes involved. The new life revealed her ‘true beauty’ that she had never known. It also improved her mental health.

According to some researches, the food plays a big role in the physical appearance.  Nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables can literally enhance your beauty and overall level of attractiveness by influencing the way your skin looks all around. These types of foods add ‘rosy, yellow complexion’ and a healthy glow, while cosmetic products are rich in toxic chemicals that ruin your skin in time and contribute to cancer.

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