Wife Rids Her Husband’s Cancer Naturally: Message Attacked

When someone states publicly and out loud that they defeated cancer the natural way, debunkers will quickly react and try to throw a shade of doubt over those who are still trying to figure out whether there are other ways to treat the disease than the conventional treatments.

The following story is about a dedicated wife who has spent thousands of hours of research to heal her husband’s aggressive cancer while protecting him from the ravages of radical surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. She wrote about their life journey in her book Control: My Journey of Alternative Healing, under a pen name, Alyssia Sade’. She’s changed everyone’s names in the book for privacy sake and out of concern for legal issues where they live – Dubais. Even her husband’s name is changed into ‘Perry’.

She’s been talking openly about their case in an interview in mainstream newspapers and even appeared in an episode on Ty Bolinger’s “Truth about Cancer” internet TV series. She experienced great number of attacks by the alternative healing critics who defend the medical mafia.

Many took their story as it pleased their needs; The London Daily Mail highlighted cannabis for their victory over cancer, while an online vegan site promoted veganism with a photo of Trevor juicing amidst an array of veggies and fruits. But, let’s start from the very beginning of their story:

The family was struck by the devastating news in 2012 when the husband was diagnosed with a very aggressive bladder cancer that had penetrated into muscle and the only mainstream solution was radical surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. The surgical procedure of removing tumors from the bladder usually involves a special laser device that’s inserted into the bladder via the penis while heavily sedated with a “local” anesthesia. But, the doctors had other method in mind. They informed the family that he had 18 months to live, unless they remove his bladder and prostate then take part of his small intestine to build a new bladder that would take six months to function after it was constructed. Then the chemo could begin. This complicated procedure would prolong his life to four years or so.

The family sought for a second opinion in England, but they got the same suggestion. Eventually, after many researches, Alyssia came across Essiac Tea and her husband started consuming a concentrated form of it. Then they consulted with a naturopathic doctor to monitor his state. The doctor discovered that the husband had a big deficiency in vitamin C and D. So in addition to mega-dosing those vitamins along with vitamin K2 and green detox powders and laetrile (B17) capsules. Perry added DHEA to boost his immune system. Further on, after a year of this regimen with Essiac products and B17 (laetrile capsules) as the main cancer cell killing compounds, Alyssia was able to get a 90 day supply of cannabis oil to round off the cancer killing compounds with what may be the most potent cancer killer after seeing Rick Simpson’s “Run from the Cure” documentary in November 2012, but couldn’t get the oil until April of 2013.

But that was not it. Her husband also quit his pack a day cigarettes smoking habit, dropped sugar, processed foods, dairy products, red meat, used sea salt, and went to a mostly plant based diet with small amounts of fish and chicken. Ironically, he did this easily, but the cannabis oil was more difficult for him than the other cancer cell killing compounds and his dramatic lifestyle changes.

So, it wasn’t only the cannabis oil that killed the cancer, nor did he turn completely vegan as the vegan site stated. Nonetheless, this man is well and alive and cancer free for more than three years since the diagnosis.

It is outrageous how many doctors put their patients on death row by giving them ultimatums – either accept our treatment to live a bit longer or die sooner – without offering them alternatives and helping them to cope not only with the physical, but with the psychical pain as well. Many of them don’t even try to really save the patients, but rather just put them on chemo and let them slowly fade in agony making them think that soon they will pull through.

Today, in the era of the Internet, you can easily get access to many sites, alternative medicine promoters and stories of personal experiences. You can find Alyssia’s book in kindle and you can also find many sites including cancertutor.com who will offer you various alternative ways to fight the disease.

Source: cancerremedies.net

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