Why You Should Never Crush or Split Pills before Taking Them

No matter if you have regular, everyday therapy or you take pills to relieve a headache occasionally, you should never split them in half.

If you ask a pharmacist, they will advise you to always take your pills as they are, as a whole.
“Tablets are coated for a reason, most often in order to prevent or minimize the dissolution and effect of the medication in the stomach and thus protect the stomach lining from the medication’s aggressive substances.”
“For instance, if you split a coated aspirin tablet into halves, the protective effect of its film coating will disappear.”
Splitting certain pills with several coatings and complex degradation process, may change their effects and lead to unanticipated side effects.

Pharmacists also add that you should not rely on the fact that some pills have scoring lines on them. These do not automatically make a pill safe to split and by no means give you a permission to split them before taking them.
Split only those pills in whose instructions for use is clearly stated that splitting and chewing is allowed and safe.

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