Why Don’t The Amish Get Cancer?

A research on Amish people was published in the journal Cancer Causes and Control that showed that they are one of the healthiest people in the United States and practically have never had a case of cancer.

The research was originally published by a team of researchers from Ohio who wanted to examine whether the fact that these people don’t use conventional medicine levitates the risk of cancer. What they discovered was quite peculiar.

They actually discovered that the Amish people have the lowest cancer rate, which made them research the reasons behind this.

The team learned that the Amish people do not drink, smoke and are not sexually promiscuous, so they supposed that these lifestyle factors are crucial for the reduced cancer cases.

Also, they do a lot of hard labor like constructing, farming, building furniture, producing crops, etc. that keeps them in excellent shape and in perfect health.

The fact that they grow and consume their own food is extremely important as well. They consume completely organic fruits and vegetables, milk, and meat that is obtained in organic procedures, and contain essential nutrients, enzymes, minerals and vitamins.

Besides being highly criticized for their lifestyle, they are actually quite simple people who lead healthy lives by consuming healthy and organic food that contributes to their excellent health conditions.

Then there’s us, the modern people who constantly consume GMOs, fast foods, foods and drinks high in chemicals and take tons of artificial medications, so you can pretty much see the contrast and the reasons why the cancer rates in both types of people are on the far ends, respectively.

Source: healthyfoodhouse.com

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