Who Is Rick Simpson And What Has He Contributed To The Cannabis For Cancer Movement? (Videos How To Make Cannabis Oil)

We can thank Rick Simpson for today’s worldwide usage of cannabis oil. He was the one who “rediscovered” it, as he says. His efforts to legalize it in Canada have brought the attention to this amazing oil.

In his recipe he uses high grade naphtha as solvent to extract the oils, while a lot of oil companies use ethyl alcohol, frequently called grain alcohol, which is also used for the majority of natural tinctures, maybe because naphtha is highly flammable and there are chances of it leaving traces of toxins.

Rick came to the “rediscovery” when he suffered from a head injury at work that later caused serious post concussion syndrome that he described as having the noise of a loud motorized lawnmower in his head and sought for an alternative treatment. Once he discovered the formula, he decided to share it with others, starting from the small rural town of Maccan, Nova Scotia. He warns that those who decide on using this oil must give up on traditional treatments because they may disrupt cannabis’s efficacy.

The oil gave amazing results without causing any side-effects, but there was a problem to face – marijuana oil contains the prohibited hemp med THC.

When he first encountered with the health problems back in 1997, he was put on prescribed medications that caused many negative side-effects. Sometime later, he found out about the health benefits of marijuana and started smoking it daily. Eventually, both the post concussion syndrome and the pharmaceutical med fog disappeared totally.

Soon after he started his treatment, he was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma. While the three cancers were removed surgically, they came back. That’s when he decided to try marijuana oil. Within days, all three cancers were gone. He shared his remedy free of charge and many people were cured thanks to it whether they suffered from cancer, heart diseases or MS.

Because legal troubles arose, Rick had to go to Halifax, Nova Scotia, to obtain legal exemption for utilizing his oil as medical marijuana, but his demands were rejected. Nine months later he appealed to the Nova Scotia Supreme Court bringing with him 10 treated people and six medical professionals to testify in his favor, but it was still all for nothing. The appeal was rejected. That’s when he realized that it wasn’t only the legal system holding him back, Big Pharma was also included. He decided to move to Amsterdam and lived there for a long time. Then, he started his tour and preached about cannabis oil.

Fortunately, today this oil is available everywhere where cannabis is legal, and day after day more and more countries legalize this amazing herb.

The video below shows the preparation utilizing grain alcohol, basis for a lot of casts and liquor.

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