When You Mix Olive Oil and Salt You Can Say Goodbye to Pain for The Next 5 Years

Many people go for prescribed meds and meds when they are in time of need instead of taking some time to look for a natural remedy. The reason why everyone should first seek a natural treatment is because synthetic medications often case side-effects, whereas natural remedies offer more benefits and aren’t dangerous.

Here’s an excellent two-ingredient remedy for pain. You will need:

  • 10 tbsp good quality salt
  • 20 tbsp unrefined olive oil or sunflower oil

Mix the ingredients, cover them and leave them for two days. After that apply the mixture by massaging it on the painful area every morning after you wake up.


Start by massaging the area 2-3 minutes daily and then gradually increase the time. According to some experts, 20 minutes massage can give you amazing results. Once you’re done with the massage, just wipe it off with a wet or damp towel, or rinse it. If the skin is pink or irritated, put baby powder on the area.

Results will be visible after 10 days. Your circulation will be improved and your migraines gone!

Source: www.organichealthuniverse.com

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