When He Got Diagnosed With Stage 4 Cancer, His Son Suggested This And It Worked!

As incredible as it may sound, a man succeeded to cure his cancer by using only baking soda and maple syrup.

This (un)fortunate man is Vernon Johnson who was diagnosed with prostate cancer in aggressive stage 4 that spread even in his bone matter. Right after his son received the news, he advised his father to try and elevate his pH levels in the body, as he learned that cancer cells need acidic environment to thrive (an environment with lo pH levels) and die out in alkaline environment. To do so, a friend of his suggested him to go with cesium chloride.

Vernon was determined to refuse conventional therapy, so he decided to cure himself with cesium chloride, a substance that was meant to elevate his pH levels. Unfortunately it got lost in the mail, so Vernon had to find an alternative.

Eventually, he discovered the recipe that changed his life – baking soda and maple syrup. But, not having any maple syrup at the moment, Vernon replaced it with molasses.

He kept track of his improvement in his diary ‘The last dance with cancer’. Vernon also included a healthy diet in his regiment and lots of sunshine in order to promote the alkaline pH range.

Since cancer cells are anaerobic, meaning they can’t survive in environment rich in oxygen, he also started practicing breathing exercises in order to additionally raise oxygenation from the sudden rise of his pH due to sodium bicarbonate. Moreover, cancer cells feed from fermented sugar, thus the reason why Vernon needed maple syrup.

The maple syrup helps the entering of the high pH sodium bicarbonate in affected cells. But molasses showed to be an even more solid mineral base for the nutritional support. Cancer patients must avoid all kinds of processed foods, including processed sugar.

After few weeks, Vernon went for a regular examination and left his doctors amazed. He actually succeeded reversing his bone and prostate cancer.

Later on, when he finally won the battle, he shared his story in 2008 in The Valley News. Below is a video of how to prepare the remedy.

There are many other natural ways such as this one that can help you win the battle with cancer, but they may cost the cancer industry big money, so people need to trust others’ experiences if they choose to avoid conventional treatments.

Source: healthyfoodhouse.com

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