What Should Be Pay Attention When Choosing Sunglasses?

Today, sunglasses are considered fashion detail and part of personal style, but their most important function is to protect the eyes. Because here we have a huge selection, the question arises who really glasses protect the eyes, but as we do not fall into the trap of buying copies of the original glasses.

Copies of the original models copy the look but not the quality of the glass. In the original production, it remains the only optical part, which is a guarantee of quality. Of course, it implies higher cost of the product. To check quality, first try the original, and then copy. You will first notice a difference in image quality, and the quality of the frames. Often people go with an optometrist to check whether their copy of the original has a diopter – because you do not feel comfortable while wearing.

Copies have an array optical defects, such as prismatic effect (due to which we have the impression that the objects are in a different position than the actual) refraction errors (why glass increase its image and cause distortion) … All this causes eye strain and headaches. Worse is to wear bad glasses than  not to wear because without sunglasses, the eye is protected from the rays with a narrowing of the pupil, and when you put bad glasses, pupils dilate and leak harmful rays because no glass filter . So, do not buy sunglasses in supermarkets, gas stations, markets or over the internet! Glasses only need to buy from authorized distributors.


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