What She Smears On Her Butt, Everyone Has At Home – But Nobody Uses It!

Did you know that coffee has more purposes than just to wake you up in the morning?

Coffee grounds can be a great fertilizer since they are rich in phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium which are essential for plant growth.

This one will catch the attention of many women – cosmetic industry’s cellulite remedy is caffeine, so you can use coffee grounds mixed with coconut oil as a cheap alternative to eliminate the cellulite.

When included in compost, coffee grounds will attract more earthworms as they love coffee grounds.

Protect your crops from snails by spreading coffee grounds on the soil to ward them off as they hate coffee grounds.

You can also protect your crops from ants by using coffee grounds. It  will disrupt the smell of ants which is necessary for them when they follow each other. It will put the off and they will stay clear from your crops.

Protect your home from wasps by burning coffee grounds. Wasps can’t stand the smell of it.

Spread coffee grounds around your fence to keep off cats. Just like the wasps, cats hate the smell of coffee grounds.

Use coffee grounds as a soap. It has a firming and peeling effect on your skin.

Get rid of the odor in your fridge by placing a cup of coffee ground in the fridge; it will also prevent other contents of your fridge from being tainted.

Coffee grounds are a great abrasive, so you can clean your pots and pans without using chemicals. You can also remove grill rust from your barbecue grills.

Provide your hair with nutrients necessary for its growth and health by applying coffee grounds on it.

Tired of seing dark bags under your eyes? Just mix coffee grounds with olive oil, apply topically to the jowls and the under eye bags are gone.

By applying moist coffee grounds on the fur of your dog you will get rid of its fleas and protect it from further infestation. The fur will also smell nicer.

Source: healthyfoodstar.com

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