What Really Caused My Breast Cancer!! You Won’t Believe What This Woman Has To Say

Jen Memory is a young woman from Winston who used to enjoy fast food very much. It was a part of her diet for many years and she admits that she used to eat fast food two-three times a day.

Today her diet is completely different and she eats only healthy and organic food because her life changed during the time she was 30 years old and a newlywed. This is her story:

Being newlyweds, they started planning to widen the family and have kids. Jen wanted everything to go as planned and everything to be fine, so she went on her yearly gynecology check-up, visited her cardiologist and did other routine medical checks. All of the results were great, except one – her mammogram showed that she suffered from an aggressive form of stage 1 breast cancer.

Even though breast cancer was in her family history, a genetic cause wasn’t the case.

Her doctor told her that the cause of her condition was due to the lifestyle she led. The birth control pills she has been taking for 10 years and the unhealthy fast food was a combination that led to breast cancer.

Since then, she had a double mastectomy and luckily is healthy again.

Jen also started a job as a photographer and volunteers with the Susan G. Komen Northwest N.C. Breast Cancer Foundation because she wants to share her story and warn people about the dangers of leading an unhealthy lifestyle.

Source: healthadvisorgroup.com

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