What Is Best For Your Hair? Gel, Wax Or Hair Cream?

What you choose to maintain the shape of your hair depends on what you want to achieve. When you realize you want to look like your hairstyle, you know which product is best for your hair.

What is best for your hair? Gel, wax or hair cream?

  • Gel

The gel is used when you want to keep in shape during the day. Apply to wet hair immediately after a shower. To avoid the hair to be as rigid rods, it is the first well to wash your hair, and then to use only as much as really necessary. If you need more, you can add later.


  • Wax

Wax is denser than the gel and will give you a good look if the objectives bushier look. The composition of most of them are based on oils, so the wax is not stiffening as gel, is sticky and difficult to be washed. It is best applied by first shape hairstyle while the hair dry, and when it dries a little wax smeared on hands, and then evenly applied to the hair. Finally you can add a little hairspray for greater strength.

  •  Hair cream

The hair cream is the ideal choice for you if you want your hair to look like it is dry and not stiff. Hair creams are light and easy to wash. Apply on dry hair with the same procedure as the wax, but you can apply it to damp hair and if you want a smooth look.

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