What Can Turmeric Cure – Psoriasis, Breast Cancer, Tumors, Wounds, Prevent Metastasis

Turmeric (Curcumin) is the most famous spice that is very beneficial for the health. This spice comes from Asia and cures as much as 600 diseases. The main ingredient is curcumin which is responsible for the spice’s bold yellow color. It contains vitamins B6, B3, folic acid and minerals.

It has been proven that turmeric is recommended as therapy for diabetes. But recently, in this spice it has been found one yet undiscovered molecule called CNB-001, which has an incredible power on the brain, but also in the wound healing process of the human body. This molecule’s activity is not preventive, but healing.


It has antiseptic and antibacterial properties, it is useful for disinfection of wounds and burns. It is excellent for prostate cancer prevention, and, in cases of already diagnosed cancer, it prevents its further development.

It inhibits the growth of breast cancer. Turmeric is a natural preventive measure against melanoma, and in cases of already developed melanoma it kills cancer cells and also prevents its further development. It reduces the risk of childhood leukemia.

It cleanses the liver in a natural way. It could slow down or inhibit the development of Alzheimer’s disease (it destroys accumulated amyloid plaques in the brain). It also prevents metastasis growth in many types of cancers. It is a natural remedy for pain. It regulates the metabolism and helps with weight loss.

In China it has been used for a long time as a cure for depression, arthritis and rheumatism. It protects against thyroid cancer. It accelerates wound healing and quickly restores damaged skin. It aids the treatment of psoriasis and other inflammatory skin diseases.

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