Well Defined Waist Is Not Desirable Only Because Of The Aesthetic, But Also Because Of The Health Dimension! How To Reduce It? (VIDEO)

The dimension of the chest or the hips in proportion to waistline the scale of 1:0.7 is today considered the ideal of female beauty which has its biological explanation associated with fertility and good health. This rate partly explains the phenomenon with 90-60-90 proportions that are today considered a perfect measure (yes, for us it is very important how you feel in your own skin and do you worry about your health than you have ideal weight and if your body is reminiscent of today’s supermodels).

Yet obesity in the central part of the body, collect fat around the organs is unhealthy and increases the risk for certain diseases of the blood system, so in that sense well defined waist is not desirable only because of the aesthetic, but also because of the health dimension. Once you bring your weight to a healthy level, which means body mass index do not you exceed 25, you may change your mind about the provocative short tops (Crop cannons) and you want to accentuate your waist in a narrow skirt or shorts.

However, no doubt that this is the right time for each of us, the light at the end of the tunnel which each of us should follow if we want to be healthy and full of energy, according that we represent to you a great video tutorial that will show you how you can reach the most beautiful waist you had in life.

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