Water Diet. Unbelievable Way For Weight Loss

As for the effectiveness of the water diet, opinions are divided. While some believe that its implementation may occasionally lose a pound a day, experts say that is a waste of time, citing a study that included 1,000 women.

In fact, to them is comparable amount of liquid that they will enter into the body with food or drink. The researchers found no causal relationship between the amount of drained water and other beverages such as coffee, tea, juice and weight.

However, there is a connection between the fluid taken from food, specifically women who consume foods rich with water, have a lower body weight and body mass index.

It is not clear why foods rich in water, not the liquid, affects on the weight. It is possible that foods rich in water or fruit, vegetables and rice, are also high in fiber.

Another study shows that we eat less after consuming foods rich in water, but not and after drinking water.

If you do want to see yourself in the (in) efficiency of the water diet, try to adhere to the next menu.

For breakfast drink a large glass of water or tea or juice. You can eat the fruit as much as you want.

During the morning, also drink a large glass of water or tea or juice and some fruits (preferably combine different types). Depending on the time of year, most water include: Fall / Winter: grapes and citrus; Spring / Summer: melons.

For lunch, take a large glass of water before a meal consisting of salad of raw vegetables in quantities as desired, with the addition of vinegar, oil, lemon and spices to taste. You can add a salad and olives.

You may eat any kind of raw and canned vegetables, such as asparagus, artichokes, celery, lettuce, carrots, peppers, cucumbers, onions, corn, soya bean sprouts, tomatoes, endive.

After the meal, drink tea. Brunch can be made up of a large glass of water or tea or juice, a glass of milk or yogurt or 30 grams of cheese or a piece of fruit. For dinner, drink a large glass of water before meals. You can take 100 grams of meat (beef, chicken) or 150 grams of fish, for example. Or one egg with vegetables and fruit. After the meal, drink tea.

What proved to be very effective in conducting a diet is free, is keeping an online diary for weight loss on specialized forums. American Institute of Health, in its six-month study found that individuals who were having such a weight loss diary lost an average of 7 pounds more than those who did not keep such a diary.

“The point of the daily weight loss is that people much harder err in conducting a diet when their progress followed by other forum users. Besides often proves how important support in some moments of people who have similar problems, “said Bill Brogan, a doctor at the said institute.

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