Watch This Before Rushing Into Cancer Treatment! It Could Save Your Life (VIDEO)

One of the most devastating news that a person can receive are those where the word “cancer” is mentioned. People immediately think of it as a terminal disease, and are rushed into chemotherapy by the doctors as soon as they receive the news. Many of the patients strongly believe that conventional treatments are the best solution, without coming to think that there could be a better, safer and cheaper way to treat the disease.

Alternative treatments are what the famous Dr. Véronique Desaulniers advises. As a former cancer patient herself (who successfully won the battle against cancer) and with 35 years of experience in the wellness industry, Dr. Véronique believes in the power of natural treatments. She also advises that it is very important to let the news sink in and after that to take your time to decide what to do. She believes that patients need time on their own to find complimentary cancer therapy instead of clinical cancer treatments.

Dr. Véronique often warns that the cancer industry Is worth billions thanks to the treatments it forces to patients. Every time a patient undergoes chemotherapy or radiation, the doctor gets paid for administering that treatment.

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