WARNING! This Plant Can Kill A Child Less Than A Minute And An Adult For 15 Minutes

If you have this plant at home, throw it away immediately, or be extremely cautious!

My son died because of this plant, and everyone should learn my story!

As people say, everything good or bad that happens in our world, happens in the world of plants as well. Many people agree that our home is better when it’s greener. And some people turn their homes into rainforests. That’s why I beg you to read this article.

My son dies because he put a piece of plant in his mouth which caused tongue and throat swelling that eventually led to death. It is so extremely toxic and dangerous that can kill a child within a minute and a grown man in 15 minutes. If you touch it accidentally, do not touch your eyes as it can cause blindness. Warn your family and friends!

Calcium oxalate, the reason for Esteban’s death.

It all happened when little Esteban told his mother he isn’t feeling well. She thought it was probably an indigestion. But his father got worried when Esteban changed color and started choking. He was immediately taken to hospital, but nobody knew what was happening. After half an hour, Esteban’s parents were told that their little boy died of something he probably ate. Because if that, the doctors ordered blood analysis that showed high concentration of calcium oxalate. Dieffenbachia or better known as Amoena. This plant is commonly found at homes and offices as it’s lie maintenance, but contains the deadly chemical that killed Esteban.

Data from 2006 show that 64.250 people got poisoned from this plant. 75% were kids under 5 years old.

If you come in contact, wash your mouth and wash your eyes. You should also drink some milk and go straight to the hospital.

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