WARNING: If You See This In Your Backyard Do Not Go Near It. It May Look Cute & Fuzzy But It’s Dangerous!

Nature can have pretty messed up ways to mask dangerous creatures into cute looking animals. One of them is the Megalopyge opercularis which looks like cute fuzzy bug, but is actually quite dangerous. It is commonly known as puss caterpillar and is extremely venomous.

What you mistake for fuzz on its body is actually tiny spikes filled with venom.

Imagine a bee sting, only worse. The pain immediately and rapidly gets worse after being stung, and can even make your bones hurt.

Though not lethal, the venom can inflict serious damage, and curious children are the biggest victims because they think everything that looks fuzzy can be touched and brought home as a pet.

The symptoms range from a localized itching, burning rash at the site of the stings, to a full-body mess of burning, tingling, chest pains, blisters, headache, nausea, and even more.

The seriousness of the sting depends on where you were affected and how many spines are embedded in your skin. People who have been stung on the hand say the pain can radiate up to their shoulder and last for up to 12 hours.

If you ever spot this bug, stay away and don’t feed your curiosity. Most importantly, warn your children about it.

If you ever get stung, and have the spikes stuck inside of you, use cellophane tape to remove the venomous barbs. Then, take some antihistamines to counteract the reaction your body is having to the venom and then go straight to the hospital. It is important to see a doctor because just taking out the barbs doesn’t fix the problem, the venom will still be in your system. Stay safe.

Source: healthnremedies.top

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