Want To Get Cancer-Causing Roundup OUT Of Your Community? This California Mother Did It In Just 64 Days!

When it was anounced that Monsanto’s weedkiller Roundup may be carcinogenic, it caused panic at the St. Louis-based agrochemical giant because those news can cost them losing millions of profit.

But this isn’t new to the activists and health-concious people. Tracy Madlener is a mother of two who started her mission to “clean” Laguna Hill from this dangerous product. After about two months she can proudly announce that her mission shows results.

Since products like Roundup are widely used, it is no wonder the chemicals show up everywhere, from rainwater samples to mothers’ breast milk at levels far beyond safe limits.

Madlener is a great example of how ordinary people can help their community to become safer and toxic-free. She started off with a Facebook page “How to Create a Toxic-Free Community” and continued with video blogs of YouTube, organizing, sending emails, making a to-do list, and making phone calls for research purposes.

“I connected with a ton of people and let them know my intentions…My intentions (are) to spread awareness about the chemical use in our community, and to change it, and use an alternative instead of these harmful chemicals,” she said on her Day 30 video blog.

These are her steps towards raising awareness on this matter:

  • Making phone calls, building a network and informing others in the area
  • Contacting other moms doing similar work to ban harmful chemicals in their areas for advice
  • Speaking with landscapers to suggest healthier options
  • Researching eco and health-conscious alternatives to Roundup for use locally
  • Making folders with information to hand out to her local Home Owners’ Association board members; writing personal letters to help them understand her mission, and meeting with them

“…And yeah, we all find that we’re very emotional when we find out that our environment is just getting wrecked and our health is being ruined,” Madlener says in her Day 44 video blog post, “by all these different chemicals that are in our environment.”

On April 15, her mission came to an end with positive results. Madlener shared the great news with the others on her blog:

“I have the pleasure to inform all of you that it can be done…I got a message yesterday saying that our neighborhood will no longer use Roundup,” she said (see video below), before breaking into a “happy dance.”

Now she hopes that other people will follow her steps and help their community:

“Now that I have done this, I’ve got my eyes set on either more HOAs or to take it to the city,” she said. “I want to inspire others (to know) that they can do this too.”

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