Want To Get A Bronze Tan, But Are Afraid Of The Harmful Rays? It Is True That The Sun Is Still Dangerous And Must Be Careful, But Here Are A Few Tips.

Frequently asked questions about tanning are:

  • What is most important while you tan,
  • The most should pay attention to sunbathe moderately,
  • Without sunburn and the resulting color us take a long time,
  • Without peel away skin?

The answers are as follows:

  1. The best time for sunbathing is the period from 9 to 11 am and afternoon after 17 hours. At this time of day the sun is still not so strong, and so sunbathing is very safe and not harmful.
  2. Whether you are exposed to the sun in the mentioned periods, or during the day, it is best to use a cream with a high SPF, to protect the body from harmful UV rays.
  3. The safest would sunbathe and thus color longer will stay on your skin if you stay every day in the sun in a very short time and every day thereafter proportionally enlarge the time.
  4. The cream, which should be applied to the body, should always be applied in moderation. It should not exaggerate with the application, because you will not get any increased effect in terms of protection of the body. Only it will be more difficult to remove when you return home, because it contains a high percentage of fat.
  5. If your skin is sensitive to sunlight, have very fair skin, or just before the holidays you had a chemical peel or laser treatment for the person always use product that has a high SPF SPF +50.
  6. If you have oily skin prone to acne, the most effective protection from the sun, it is best after cleaning the face to apply your preparation for the care of a person, then preparation for sunscreen. If you think too much cream you use two at the same time while you are on vacation ahead give him the cream with SPF.
  7. You did not forget to apply a moisturizer with SPF in the neck and décolleté. This is especially important for female members of the gentler sex. Just remember to apply a moisturizer and mouth and hands, while if you plan to be exposed to the sun.
  8. Dermatologist’s advice in any case do not forget to protect our ears. These parts of the body tend to suffer most from the harmful UV rays from the sun, so always keep them and protect them.
  9. Persons with very bright day recommended several treatments solarium to avoid sun allergy. In the solarium it is necessary to apply a moisturizer with SPF and mandatory to protect the eyes.


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