Video Transcript: How To Know If You Have Cancer!

Ty Billinger interviewed Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy about cancer and for some of the different diagnostics which can help a person find out if he or she has cancer.

According to Dr. Connealy, people are more afraid of cancer nowadays because many of the people they know are suffering from the disease. Luckily, cancer is not contagious and there are many ways to detect it.

The first way is by testing your blood. One of these tests is CPR, which is the C – reactive protein. If a patient has high C – reactive protein, the advisable thing is to try and reduce it by using fish oils and tell the patient to change their diet since improper diet can cause inflammation. The test is repeated after 2 months and if the inflammation is still present, Dr. Connealy has certain methods to discover if the patient has cancer.

One of her methods include creating a Cancer Profile. The aim is to discover cancer in its early stages. Its accuracy is between 93 and 95 %. In order to be sure, she repeats the test three months later if the patient insists. This test can determine three types of HCG. The first is the hormone of pregnancy, HGC or it is also known as the hormone of malignancy. Two different HCG blood markers are also detected; one is in the urine and PHI, an enzyme which is involved in anaerobic. If this enzyme is increased, then you have a cancer environment.

The test also checks the thyroid function because low thyroid increases cancer risk. DHEA sulfate is a hormone of longevity, immune and stress. If your adrenal glands don’t function properly, you won’t be able to handle stress.

Furthermore, the test examines CEA that is a marker for mini-cancers. This is a very investigative tool because cancer does not happen overnight. There are 10 years from one cancer cell to tumor.

Dr. Connealy claims that cancer can be prevented, which is a huge relief. Moreover, it is more difficult to treat cancer when it reaches stage four, but also says that it is not impossible.

The ONCOblot test is the second test she conducts. The malignant cells create a protein which is called ENOX2 and it determines if you have cancer and where it is. The only downside of this test is that it detects cancer at year six. She adds that a person can do blood tests to check if there are tumor cells which are moving from the tumor site. You can have cells like this even if the tumor is one millimeter and this is the way metastases are created. This test can detect metastases.

Bioimmune Survey is the third one. There are acupuncture fingers on the toes and fingers and they correspond to every body organ. Reinhold Voll, a famous physicist and physician determined this.

A machine called Vega Machine can determine if the cancer is fermenting, simmering or brewing in its early stages. Proper nutrition can reverse this and there are some target products which can eliminate cancer from your body.


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