Use A Frozen Lemon On This Way To Fight Malignant Tumors In The Body

The health benefits of lemons have been discussed so many times, we almost know them by heart.

Lemons do a great detoxing job, whether you (can) eat them raw, or make a lemonade, lemon water or tea. Still, the best way to get the most of them is by freezing them, and here is why:

The peel contains compounds that can boost the immune system, normalize cholesterol levels and even prevent the development of cancer. The peels of this citrus fruit provide strong anti-microbial effect, and are believed to prevent bacterial and fungal infections. This is great news if you’re struggling with removing parasites and worms.

These are some of the superpowers lemons offer:

  • Immunity boost
  • Prevention against asthma symptoms
  • Reduced risk of stroke
  • Excellent treatment of inflammation
  • Effective against dangerous bacteria
  • Prevention and treatment of depression and stress
  • Kidney and liver cleanse
  • Cancer prevention

Up until now, we only concentrated on the juice that is a great source of vitamin C, but according to latest research, the peel offers excellent nutrients as well.

For starters, the peel can destroy and remove toxic waste from the body, which is the main reason why lemons are often used in the treatment of cancer patients.

After years of trying to find out whether lemons can destroy abnormal cancer cells, many studies have confirmed this possibility. After conducting couple of dozens of tests conducted since 1970, it’s been revealed that frozen lemons destroy the malignant cells in 12 cancers, including colon, breast, prostate, lung and pancreas. According to some research studies, frozen lemons may do a better job than chemotherapy. On top of that, they are a much healthier and natural treatment that won’t cause any side-effects and these studies also showed that lemons only attack the affected cells, leaving the healthy ones intact.

Lemon’s peel also contains 5-10 more vitamins than the juice. According to Dr. Marilyn Glenville, a nutritionist and expert on women’s health, combining healthy peels can do well to the overall health.

”Most of the antioxidants included in fruit are included in the peel or the pith rather than in the pulp” said Dr. Glenville for the BBC food, adding “Smoothie is far better than a juice, since you can consume the whole fruit including the peel, and you will not throw away a single nutrient from the fruit.”

Since citrus fruits aren’t the first choice for many due to their bitter taste, you can pull out the maximum of your lemons of course, without the bitter flavor – by freezing them.

Start by washing and disinfecting your lemons using apple cider vinegar or baking soda. The, rinse them and pat them with a dry towel. Put them in the freezer and leave them overnight. Once you notice they are completely frozen, grate the whole lemon. Yes, pulp, peel, seeds and all. Then, put the grated lemons in ice cube trays, and store them back in the freezer so you can use them whenever you need a hint of citrus fruit.

You can also add this in your dishes. salads, soups, yoghurt, pasta sauces or homemade ice cream. Add a tablespoon of your grated lemons to your smoothie, juice or tea. You can also add it in baked goods. There’s no limit, just use your imagination as there’s no wrong way to use the grated peels.


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