Ultimate Chest Workout

I developed this routine on my own. It’s simple yet hits absolutely everything. It is a 4 week program. The first time I went through this, my bench increased from 265-295 in just the 4 weeks.

Week #1:
Barbell bench press-
Start with your warm up sets and then start adding weight. Don’t worry about how many sets you do, the whole point of this program is getting the most out of your last set. Each set, no matter how easy, only do 4 reps and then add more weight to the next set. Continue to add weight until you need assistance to get that last rep or two, then move on.

Incline barbell bench press-
Do the exact same build up as before on the flat bench, till you reach failure.

Decline barbell bench press-
Once again repeat the process.

I know week one doesn’t seem like much but it’s throwing a lot of heavy weight on your chest, forcing it to adapt and prepare for that heavy weight. Weeks 2-4 is about hitting every chest fiber you can over the 3 weeks.

Week #2: Flat exercises
Barbell bench press-
Once again build up to hit that 4 rep failure getting as heavy as you can

Flat dumbell bench press-
Using the same technique build up your weight doing sets of 6 instead of 4. Once again getting as heavy as you can to hit that 6 rep failure.

Flat dumbell flyes-
Using that build up, increase the weight as you complete sets of 8 reps. Continue until failure to reach 8

Neutral height cable flyes-
For the last exercise, again build up in weight completing sets of 10 reps until you reach failure.

Week #3: incline chest exercises
To save time for myself and readers, this routine is exactly the same as week 2 except doing everything with an incline bench.

Week #4: decline chest exercises
Again, it follows the same routine as weeks 2 and 3, except using a decline bench for all exercises.

This program produced amazing results for both myself, and my training partner. I suggest a solid preworkout as well as intra workout, with plenty of protein in your diet for killer workouts and solid recovery. Whether your looking for something new, or trying to bust a plateu, give this a shot. Any questions I’ll be happy to answer, and anyone that tries it out, keep me posted!


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