U.S. Government Finally Admits That Cannabis Destroys Cancer Cells and Protects Healthy Cells

After being regarded as a harmful getaway med by the social stigma for over 80 years, the U.S. National Cancer Institute (NCI) finally admitted that cannabis kills cancer cells without harming normal cells.

Cannabis’ medical benefits have been reported by alternative media for many years and various independent studies have discovered that marijuana can eliminate many serious health conditions, including everything from lyme disease to tumors. The federal government sponsored agency recently updated the FAQs on its website to incorporate studies that demonstrated that marijuana can and has destroyed cancer cells. Global health estimates that cancer kills approximately 20,000 people worldwide each day.

NIC states marijuana can shrink cancerous tumors

According to health researchers from the U.S. government, cannabinoids, a class of compounds present in cannabis, can eliminate cancer by causing cell death and stymieing blood vessels necessary for tumor growth.

The studies they conducted on mice and rats show cannabinoids are able to destroy cancer cells while protecting noncancerous cells. The chemical constitution of marijuana was found to be effective at combating colon cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer and various other forms of the disease.

As reported by health researchers on the U.S. government’s Cancer.gov website:

“A laboratory study of cannabidiol (CBD) in human glioma cells showed that when given along with chemotherapy, CBD may make chemotherapy more effective and increase cancer cell death without harming normal cells. Studies in mouse models of cancer showed that CBD together with delta-9-THC may make chemotherapy such as temozolomide more effective.”

“A study in mice showed that cannabinoids may protect against inflammation of the colon and may have potential in reducing the risk of colon cancer, and possibly in its treatment.”

“A laboratory study of delta-9-THC in hepatocellular carcinoma (liver cancer) cells showed that it damaged or killed the cancer cells. The same study of delta-9-THC in mouse models of liver cancer showed that it had antitumor effects. Delta-9-THC has been shown to cause these effects by acting on molecules that may also be found in non-small cell lung cancer cells and breast cancer cells.”

“A laboratory study of cannabidiol (CBD) in estrogen receptor positive and estrogen receptor negative breast cancer cells showed that it caused cancer cell death while having little effect on normal breast cells. Studies in mouse models of metastatic breast cancer showed that cannabinoids may lessen the growth, number, and spread of tumors.”

They continue by claiming that cannabinoid receptors have anti-inflammatory effects, which may play a role in alleviating pain. Furthermore, it’s been found in several animal studies that cannabinoids may prevent nerve problems like tingling, swelling and muscle weakness, caused by different types of chemotherapy.

The NCL sees these studies as preclinical, and were all conducted using animals. According to health officials, no clinical trials of marijuana use to help treat cancer have been published.

The medical benefits of marijuana are nothing new, but what is new is the fact that federal government can no longer ignore these facts.

Source: www.complete-health-and-happiness.com

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