Treat Wounds, Infections And Improve Skin Health With This Homemade Turmeric-Coconut Oil Salve

The salve ointment has proven as very effective with treating wounds and skin infections. It is usually oil or wax based and it improves the skin condition, moistens the dry skin, relieves irritation and can speed up the healing process of cuts and bruises.

This ointment contains various beneficial ingredients such as calendula, coconut oil and beeswax.

Calendula’s flowers are used as a skin remedy to reduce pain and swelling and also to healing process of cuts and bruises. This plant can also reduce dermatitis caused by radiation. Calendula is a potent antiseptic and that is why it was also widely used during the American Civil War and the WWI for treating open wounds.

A study conducted on rats has shown that coconut oil heals wounds faster. The researchers divided the rats in 3 groups (6 rats in each group) where the first group was not treated at all; the second one was treated with 0.5 ml of coconut oil and the third one with 1ml. The results showed that the wounds in the third group healed fastest.

When beeswax is combined with the two ingredients previously mentioned, it gains thee ability to treat many skin conditions that cause skin inflammation.

In a study conducted on 11 people suffering from dermatitis and 10 suffering from psoriasis, it has been shown that a mixture of beeswax, olive oil and honey treats the skin lesions and lowers the severity of the inflammation.

To prepare the salve ointment at home, you will need three quarters of a cup of calendula oil, one quarter of a cup of olive oil, one ounce of beeswax, fifteen drops of lavender oil and a pinch of turmeric (optional, for color and boosting healing ability). Take a double boiler and add water in the bottom pot. Pour calendula into the top pot then place it on low heat and grate beeswax into the calendula oil, and then add in the coconut oil. Once the mixture has melted, add lavender essential oil. Turn off the heat and stir. When it’s done, pour the mixture into a metal tin containers to let cool and store.


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