Tired of Having GREASY HAIR? You Will Be Surprised When You See that the Solution Can Be Found in YOUR KITCHEN!

Greasy hair is a very common problem that annoys millions of people. There are many shampoos that are created to solve this problem, but in reality none of them helps completely.

The grease on the scalp is caused by an excessive production of sebum by the sebaceous glands of the scalp. This sebum overproduction results in greasy hair, scalp acne, dandruff, and many other problems.

Today we will offer you a very simple solution that will help you with the annoying greasy hair, and all you need is one simple item found in everyone’s kitchen.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Malassezia is a type of fungus that can often be found on our scalp. When it it grows uncontrollably, it can lead to irritations, dandruff, and oily hair. Since apple cider vinegar is one of the best solutions for fighting fungus and bacteria, we recommend you to start using it. Note that you should not use much, as it can easily irritate the skin.

All you need is to mix few tbsp in a cup of water and apply the solution on the hair. Make sure it comes in contact with the scalp and the hair roots. You can use a spray bottle for a better application. Repeat 2-3 times weekly.

Also, wash your hair regularly with the shampoo that you think suits the best for your hair, preferably a shampoo for oily hair.

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