Why Do You Throw Away The Banana Peel? You Cannot Image How Healthy It Is!

According to many nutritional research, bananas are especially effective for treating many health problems and not only through the fruit.

Instead of meds, in these few cases freely reach for the banana peel:

  1. Whitening teeth

You need the inside of the banana bark to rub the teeth. Repeat the procedure at least once a day for several weeks in a row and notice that your teeth will become whiter.

  1. Get rid of warts

Take a bandage and a piece of banana peel. The inside of the bark place it on the wart with a bandage and wrap. Leave it overnight and repeat the procedure several days in a row.


  1. Acne and wrinkles

All you have to do is to rub the skin with banana peel. Wash treated areas with water after 30 minutes.

  1. Relieves symptoms of psoriasis

Banana peel can calm the skin, so if you suffer from psoriasis, rub the area with banana peel and wait 10 minutes for the ingredients to begin to act.

  1. Instead analgesic

You have skin irritation? For whatever works, it is enough to rub the place and wait 10-15 minutes to relieve symptoms.

  1. Against insect bites

Place a piece of bark and let stand in place until you feel relief.

  1. Cleaning item

Furniture, shoes from smooth fabrics and silver can shine like new with ordinary piece of banana peel.

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