Thousands Of Lives Saved—10 Natural Cancer Cures

Cancer is one of the most serious life threatening diseases that is spreading rapidly. Luckily, there are simple remedies that can treat it. Here are some of them:

Baking soda creates alkaline environment in the body that prevents cancer cells from developing. Mix one tablespoon with lemon juice in 250 ml of water and consume it few times a day.

Bloodroot (sanguinary Canadensis) destroys cancer cells without harming the healthy ones. It can be used orally or externally.

Chaga mushrooms modulate the immune system and make it act as anti-carcinogenic.

A study from 2006 revealed that vitamin D is crucial when fighting cancer. It is also very beneficial during menopause.

Essias tea is a very old recipe for tea used by the Indian people to cure many diseases. It’s been introduced to the modern world thanks to a Canadian nurse. It is a mixture of anticancer plants that eliminate the toxins in the body. This tea should be consumed few times a day if suffering from cancer.

Joanna Budvig has cured thousands of people in a period of 50 years using a combination of young un-pressed cheese and flaxseed oil that supply the body with the necessary lipoproteins and fatty acids.

Cannabis is one of the most famous natural cancer treatment today. It’s been scientifically proven that the cannabinoids that are found in the cannabis oil can help kill cancer cells without affecting healthy cells in the body.

Lack of iodine in the blood may lead to cancer development and that’s why it Is very important to check the levels of iodine and keep them in normal limits.

The reason why a Pakistani tribe has never had a cancer patient is because is because the large consumption of apricot seeds. They are rich in vitamin B17 also known as laetrile which is of great help when it comes to cancer fighting.

Broccoli stems hold bigger amount of proteins than other vegetables. The sulforaphane reduces the spreading and the growth of cancer cells and can help them kill cancer cells and protect the health overall.


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