This Vitamin Kills Cancer Cells But Is Illegal In The US!

Many health experts do their best to find an effective cancer treatment that doesn’t do harm as much as chemotherapy and radiation.

One such treatment that shows promising results is Vitamin B17.

Back in 1970, Sloan-Kettering was one of the country’s leading cancer research centers. In 1974, while they were testing Laetrile, a form of vitamin B17, Ralph Moss joined the center. It was his first major job, and he was heading towards one of the potential most shocking discovery.

But, as soon as the Sloan-Kettering’s Board of Directors learned more, Laetrile was swept under the rug and was proclaimed to be potentially dangerous. Ralph Moss couldn’t keep quiet, so he called a press conference on his own and accused his employer of orchestrating a major cover-up of B17 research. Ever since then, B17 is banned In the U.S.

The reason for banning? According to the FDA, B17 was highly toxic, besides the fact that many physicians still disagree.

“I have found no statements of demonstrated pharmacological harmfulness of amygdalin to human beings at any dosages recommended or employed by medical doctors in the United States and abroad” writes Edward Griffin in his book ‘World Without Cancer’.

Despite being banned In the U.S. vitamin B17 still gives positive results in clinical trials conducted by researchers around the rest of the world.

According to a 2003 study, amygdalin from peach pits has an influence on tumor growth.

In 2006 it showed to be able to induce apoptosis by regulating Bax and Bcl-2 expressions in cancer cells.

A 2013 study found B17 to be a potentially effective means of treating cervical cancer.

In 2014, researchers found it to influence bladder cancer tumors.

Ralph Moss has put together a petition urging his former employer to acknowledge its positive results.

This article by no means encourages people from the U.S to break the law trying to reach to vitamin B17. Moreover, everyone should consult their doctor before deciding to start a Vitamin B17 treatment.


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