This Test Will Tell If You Have Cancer In Less Than 10 Minutes!

Diagnosing cancer is a complex procedure that requires conducting numerous tests and a lot of medical consulting until a final diagnosis is set. According to Dr. Wong all of this will be left in the past soon.

Namely, Dr. David Wong, an oncology professor at the University in California has developed a simple 10 minute test which can tell you if you have cancer, and you can do it even at home.

The standard procedure is making blood tests after a biopsy is conducted in order to find out which genetic signature they need to look for. This method can be used to predict possible cancer spreading, but it also gives false positives, so it isn’t very reliable.

According to Doctor Wong, it’s possible to detect the tumor when it’s circulating in the bodily fluids, meaning it can be detected in the saliva through a process he calls liquid biopsy. The initial tests show that a single drop of saliva can contain enough information to reveal the final diagnosis as soon as the tumor appears and starts developing.

Dr. Wong claims that this testing is 100% accurate and is very simple to conduct. More importantly, you won’t need to go to the doctor’s for this procedure. The test is not invasive and will be sold at an affordable price. It is expected to be on America’s store shelves in 2 years after it passes all the clinical trials in patients with lung cancer.


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