This Tea Is A Remedy For Swollen Feet

Poor circulation, menstrual cycles, obesity, improper diet and pregnancy are some of the reasons that can cause the unpleasant feeling of heavy and tired legs.

If temperature change, heat and humidity are added to all that, the swelling as a result of gravity that is the accumulation of body fluid in the legs is guaranteed.

To eliminate this unpleasant and sometimes painful condition, the first thing to do in order to help yourselves is to raise your legs 30 cm above the heart while lying down.

In addition, another recommendation is consumption of parsley tea that helps remove the excess water from the body.

You can prepare the tea as follows: take some parsley root and leaves, crushed them and mix them. Boil five teaspoons of this mixture for five minutes in half liter of water.

After boiling it, leave the water and parsley steep for 20 minutes, then strain it and consume it three times a day.

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