This Is Why You Should Never Eat Another M&M (From Bloating To Breast Cancer)

The M&M’s are worldwide known candy and favorite to many. They were originally made for soldiers during the 1940’s so that they could enjoy a sweet treat without having it lose its shape or melt throughout the day. Even though they are widely accepted, that doesn’t exclude the fact that they are cancer-causing thanks to the chemicals that are used in their making to this day, while many manufacturers have replaced the toxic ingredients with natural and less dangerous ones. Such is the case with Kraft Dinner that replaced the artificial dyes in their mac and cheese with turmeric.

Here are the harmful ingredients that M&M’s contain: Soy Lecithin – extract of soybean oil used as an emulsifier in M&M’s chocolate (keeps the water and oil found inside the chocolate from separating). Soy contains isoflavones, which are phytoestrogens that mimic the effect that estrogen has on the human body.It increases the risk of breast cancer. Red 40, Yellow 5 & Yellow 6 – these artificial dyes contain the compound benzidine, a well known animal and human carcinogen.

Gum Acacia – used for its glue-like binding properties. Even though the side-effects are mild compared to the previous ones, it still causes adverse effects to the digestive system. These side effects can include gas, bloating, nausea and irregular bowel movements. It is especially important for breastfeeding or pregnant women to avoid products with this ingredient.

Luckily, there is a healthier alternative to substitute the M&M’s. It is the coated milk chocolates produced by Unreal Candy that doesn’t contain soy lecithin and any form of artificial dyes. The soy lecithin is replaced with sunflower lecithin, and to color the chocolate they use red cabbage juice, beetroot juice, carrot juice, annatto extract and even turmeric extract.


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