This Is The Only Vegetable That You Need to Cook Longer- It Becomes A Strong Anti-Cancer Agent

Even though it is advisable for most vegetables to be consumed fresh or fermented to get all their nutrients, it’s different for carrots.

When it comes to carrots, it’s better for them to be slightly cooked, because in that case they produce 40% more vitamins and minerals. According to experts, cooked carrots are especially beneficial for cancer patients.

This vegetable contains vitamin A, K, E, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, phosphorus, potassium, folic acid, and beta carotene which can prevent and treat cancer.

Other benefits that you can get from cooked carrots are:

Improved vision – when you suffer from vitamin A deficiency, the eye’s photoreceptors deteriorate, which leads to vision problems. Also, foods that are rich in beta-carotene may vision.

Improved liver function and digestion – the carrot’s extracts can protect your liver from the toxic effects of environmental chemicals.

Strengthened immune system –vitamin A along with vitamin D are vital for a strong immune system and for stimulating the production and activity of white blood cells.

Improved skin condition – the high amounts of vitamin A found in carrots can help you achieve glowing and healthy skin. It is well known that vitamin A is commonly used   to treat skin conditions like acne, eczema, psoriasis, cold sores, wounds, burns and even sunburn. Vitamin A deficiency manifests through dry and rough skin.

Reduced stroke risk by 40% – the extract been found to be useful for the management of cognitive dysfunctions and may offer memory improvement and cholesterol-lowering benefits.

Cleansed body – Vitamin A helps the liver in eliminating the toxins from the body and also reduces the bile and fat in the liver. The fiber present in carrots helps clean out the colon and hasten waste movement.

Preserving the blood vessels and the heart – according to studies, diets that are high in carotenoids are linked to lower risk of heart disease. Carrots also contain also alpha-carotene and lutein.

Protecting you from cancer – the American Institute for Cancer Research links the antioxidant beta-carotene contained in carrots with protection of cell membranes from oxidative stress and inhibiting the growth of cancer cells.

In order to let the nutrients out of the protein sacs, the carrots need to be cooked, or at least to be grinded, juiced or properly chewed.

By cooking the carrots in fat or oil, or juicing them, you will increase the availability of carotenoids by 600%. Fats also help the absorption of carotenoids into the blood by 1,000 percent, as carotenoids are fat soluble.

When it comes to storing, keep them in the coolest part of your refrigerator in a sealed plastic bag or wrapped in a paper towel. This will keep them fresh for two weeks. Don’t store them together with apples, pears or potatoes, as the ethylene gas they release may turn your carrots bitter.


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