This Is One Of The Most Healing Essential Oils In The World, Lowers High Blood Pressure, Soothe Inflammation And Detox Your Body

Sandalwood oil is the product from distillation of pieces of sandalwood trees aged between 40 and 80 years.

Sandalwood has been present in the medicine dating hundreds of years ago as well as in various cultural and spiritual ceremonies. In ancient Egypt it has been used in the complex embalming process.

It has also been used in the Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years as an antiseptic and an anti-inflammatory medication.

Furthermore, In India sandalwood scent is widely used, especially in meditation, because of its calming effects.

Sandalwood also offers various health benefits:

  • It is an ingredient in many cosmetic, food and perfume industry.
  • It is rich in medicinal properties recognized by the Ayurvedic doctors.
  • The essential oil of sandal has a soothing effect on all types of infections.
  • Compositions of oils and pastes of sandalwoods can help with inflammation of the brain, digestive organs, nervous organs, circulatory system and organs of excretion, caused by various infections.
  • Orally consumed, this oil protects the damaged internal tissue from the action of microorganisms.
  • Due to its diuretic and anti-microbial properties, it successfully treats urinary tract infections.
  • Relieves spasms and relaxes muscles.

But that’s not all of it. Several international researches showed that sandalwood oil can act as a natural agent that relieves spasms and soothes the body, it relaxes the nerves, muscles and blood vessels, it can relieve cough by relaxing the throat muscles and can calm irritations caused b infection, it can help with pain and fatigue, and is effective after strenuous and painful training.

Other benefits include:

  • Stimulating digestion and the eliminating of toxins from the body
  • Reducing the feeling of flatulence and helping to reduce the occurrence of gas in the intestines.
  • As a natural diuretic, it promotes urination, and also helps in the excretion of toxins from the body through urine.
  • The sandalwood oil was proved to be effective in mitigating the consequences of food poisoning, as well as prolonged use of antibiotics.
  • Balm for the skin
  • The exceptionally mild action of this beneficial oil calms the irritated skin and helps in the faster healing of damaged tissue.
  • Soothes and heals inflammatory conditions and provides a feeling of freshness and comfort.
  • Naturally hydrates the skin without making it oily.
  • It stimulates skin tightness, so the ancient civilizations used it as a natural remedy for the treatment of scars and injuries.
  • Nowadays, it is used in the cosmetic industry as a pore cleanser.
  • It soothes skin irritation caused by insect bites. It helps in healing wounds, inflammations, boils and pimples.
  • When used orally, it strengthens and tightens the gums.

Sandalwood holds disinfectant properties. That’s why it is widely used in religious rituals and in cosmetics. The oil can also repel insects and kill microbes, and if you have a skin wound, just add the oil in your bath water or apply it directly together with your lotion. This will protect you from infection.

The oil also helps with concentration and memory, induces a feeling of comfort and tranquility in your brain, prevents stress, anxiety and fear, and it’s been used for centuries as a natural remedy for spiritual development in many religious rituals.

When used orally, you can:

  1. Improve and recover the organism after, for example, food poisoning or persistent infections.
  2. Lower high blood pressure, stimulate the release of toxins from the body and heal inflammation.
  3. Cure infections.

Pour 1-3 drops of quality essential sandalwood oil into a capsule and drink it three times a day, one capsule after each meal and note to use 100%pure natural sandalwood because the synthetic ones aren’t suitable for oral use.

When prepared as an inhalator you can cure cough, sinusitis, sore throat and other respiratory problems. To prepare it, add 4 drops of sandalwood essential oil in a pot with hot water, cover with a towel and inhale slowly. After every 5-10 minutes add 4 new drops. Inhale for 20 minutes. You can use the inhalation technique before bedtime if you have troubles falling asleep.

For external use mix the sandalwood oil with some base oil, such as olive. Use it as coating for skin care or for massaging as a natural therapy for pain, tension and muscle cramps.

Use it as a natural lining by mixing it with olive oil when disinfecting the skin, treating acne and pimples, and when treating sore or painful area, mix it with few drop of water. To perform a relaxing massage, add 3 drops of oil to each teaspoon of sandalwood oil. For more sensual effect, mix them with additional drop of essential oil of jasmine or rose.

In case of fever, colds and flu make a paste by mixing sandalwood powder and water and use it as coating.

If you have dry and damaged hair add 3-5 drops of sandalwood oil in 30ml of hair conditioner to boost its effectiveness, or you can mix the oil with olive oil and put some on your palms and then apply on the damaged ends of your hair.

To richen your face creams add 3 drops of rose oil and 3 drops of sandalwood oil for every 30 ml of natural unperfumed based cream.

For dry skin add 8 drops of sandalwood essential oil and 4 drops of geranium essential oil in 30 ml of mild oil for skin care.

For a soothing and a relaxing bath, add 4 drops of sandalwood essential oil and one drop of ylang ylang oil in your bath.

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