This Chinese Method Eliminates One Of The Root Causes Of Cancer. Learn This Simple Method Today!

According to the experiences of many, this cure has helped a lot of people. The Chinese doctor Lai Chiu Nan recommends this natural treatment for eliminating gallstones that not only cause pain, but can also lead to Hepatitis A and even cancer.

“Cancer is never the first disease to appear” says Dr. Lai, claiming that there are many other health problems that lead to cancer. According to his researches, many cancer patients suffered from kidney stones previously.

One of the symptoms that indicate to gallstones is bloating after eating some heavy food. You feel as if you can’t process the food. When it starts to get more serious, you will also experience pain around your liver. So, if you ever suspect that you suffer from gallstones, Dr. Lai recommends the following method to eliminate them. It is also said that this treatment is of great benefit for those who suffer from weakened liver function, because the liver and the gallbladder are linked very closely.

  • The first 5 days of the treatment drink 4 glasses of apple juice every day. Or eat 4-5 apples if you prefer. The apple juice softens the stones.
  • Skip dinner on the sixth day.
  • At 6pm take one teaspoon of bitter salt (magnesium sulfate) mixed in lukewarm water
  • Repeat the previous step at 8pm again.
  • At 10 pm, mix half a cup olive oil with half a cup freshly squeezed lemon juice and consume it. The olive oil will ease the elimination process.

The following morning you will notice floating green stones in your stool. “You might want to count them. I had patients who said to have counted 40, 50, even 100 stones. A lot.” says Dr. Lai.

Even if you don’t suffer from gallstones you can practice this method in order to keep your gallbladder clean, says the doctor.

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