This Amazing Cancer Recovery Surprised Everyone: He Ran Away From Home And Chemotherapy Treatments, Without Knowing That This Will Take Him On The Road To Discover The……

When the 16 year old Billy Best was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma and was given 2 years to live back in 1994, he decided that he had enough chemotherapy and ran away.

At the beginning, Billy agreed on receiving 5 rounds of chemotherapy, but after losing a lot of weight and his body starting to smell oddly, he decided that it was time to quit. He felt like he couldn’t take any more of the treatment and that if he continued he would die before the doctor’s prognosis.

The 16 year old packed his thing and went on a journey that will change and save his life. Without saying goodbye, Billy took a bus and went to Texas. The luck was on his side. Instead of roaming the streets, he quickly found a roof over his head when fellow skateboarders offered him a stay. But, he wasn’t aware that his family reported him as missing and that there was a nationwide hunt for him. The journalists have camped outside his parent’s house who were desperate and were waiting a call from their sick son. Every police station was alerted about him.

Many people from all around America tried to help the family, but the thing that brought Billy back home was that his parents promised that he could use any kind of alternative medicine and the treatments that he believed were good for him. When Billy finally got home, he started his healing process. There were a lot of letters addressed to him that contained very useful information about what kinds of methods and treatments can be helpful, so he analyzed everything and decided to go with this alternative treatment.

Eventually, these are the main steps Billy took:

  • He made some major diet changes
  • He started consuming Essiac tea
  • He started using 714X injections

He quit consuming dairy products, meat, white flour and sugar, and replaced them with locally grown organic products. His meals were cooked in clay dishes, and he mainly consumed whole grains and vegetables. He also started drinking 3 dcl of Essiac tea every day, which is a powerful anti-cancer tea. The tea is very cheap and widely available. The only cases where Essiac tea has failed are those where the tea was purchased off the shelves of health food stores. Even the nurse that rediscovered the tea, Rene Caisse, warned that off the shelf Essiac tea should be avoided, and that the ingredients should be high quality herbs gathered by you yourself.

But, the most controversial step was the inclusion of 714-X, a Canadian immune-system injection that he claims saved his life. Billy had the injection directly in his lymph nodes. The formula is not approved in the United States, and has no scientific evidence to support claims that it is effective in treating any type of cancer or illness. It was first discovered by the Canadian biologist Gaston Naessens, and it’s a powerful combo of camphor, nitrogen and mineral salts. The injections don’t attack the cancer cells, but they do boost your immune system significantly.

After 3 months of this unusual regime, Billy went back to the hospital on March 1995 for a CAT scans and gallium scans. The results were what every cancer patient wants them to be – Billy was cancer free and still is to this day!

Even today, Billy still claims that proper nutrition can save one’s life. Don’t forget to watch the video below.

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