Think Before You Eat: This Is The Body Of Jim Morris (78) Vegan And Bodybuilder

It’s hard to imagine a better advertisement for vegan diet then pictures of 78 year old Jim Morris, bodybuilder and vegan, the oldest member in association PETA. The body could envy much younger guys, so it is not surprising that became a model in the latest campaign for PETA “Think before you eat”. Jim, who in 1985 retired from the world of professional bodybuilding, claims that his health is rapidly corrected after becoming vegetarian, vegan and later.

“Protein from animal products are packed with fat and chemicals that are harmful to our body. When still competed I ate everything. It caused me several problems with digestion. I was dissatisfied. I know I would not be where I am if you keep it to eat” – said Morris.

In the interview he mentioned many of eating habits that over the time were appropriated.

“Milk is for babies. People as far as I know, the only species that continues to drink milk after they stop breastfeeding mothers. Many do not understand that will significantly improve health and mood if you stop drinking milk”.

Discover how to eat, what the consequences of animal products are and how to influence your own health.

Watch the whole interview and his fitness and life lessons:

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