They Said She Cured Her Cancer With Pineapple Juice. Here’s What They Didn’t Tell You

When the 28 year old Candice-Marie Fox was diagnosed with stage III thyroid cancer in 2011, she underwent surgery to remove her thyroid and proceeded with radiation treatment. But, eventually the cancer spread to her lymph nodes and her lungs. Her doctors suggested she undergo more radiation, as well as chemotherapy if radiation failed.

Despite her doctors’ advice, Candice chose to naturally cure her cancer.

“I researched natural ways: how to not damage the body but get rid of these [cancer] cells… The body [wanted] to heal so I wanted to give it the right tools,” she said in an interview with Chris Beat Cancer.

She completely changed her diet and her lifestyle, stopped smoking, stopped using cosmetics and cleaning products and tried to reduce stress as much as she could.

“Stress, chemicals and animal products feed cancer, so I got rid of them,” she said.

Candice also started a 14-day dietary protocol based on information from the Nutritional Oncology Research Institute’s (NORI) as well as a Nutritional Oncologist.

“I adopted a whole new way of life.”

This protocol included:

Day 1-7: fruit-heavy diet (3 pineapples daily with papaya, grapefruit, kiwi, lemon, bananas, and apples) plus beet, carrot, and celery juice
Day 8-10: same fruit-heavy diet, plus high doses of vitamin K3 and selenium supplements
Day 11-14: vegetables, soaked almonds, avocados

She repeated the protocol until she noticed improvement. The next scan showed that her body is doing much better and that the cancer had reduced. Despite this, her doctors weren’t satisfied and tried to persuade her for radiation, but it didn’t matter for Candice because she was more than happy from the results and continued with the protocol. After three years of practicing the protocol she finally reached her goal.

“It was quite tricky, and it was quite hard…but just two week ago I got another test, and…there was nothing there,” she told Chris in and interview in 2015.

Today, being 31, she’s cancer free, as reported by Health Nut News in March 2016.

She was unpleasantly surprised as many websites misinterpreted her diet plan by crediting only the pineapples for her success. She explained that it wasn’t true, even though pineapples really did play a big role in her treatment.

She explained that the bromelain (an enzyme rich in pineapples as well as papaya and kiwi), weakens the cancer cells to the point where they become vulnerable to Vitamin K3 and selenium (specifically in the form of sodium selenite).

According to an article published in BioFactors in 2010, bromelain induces apoptosis in breast cancer cells, while a 2007 article from Planta Medica suggests that this compound is superior to chemotherapy when tested on animals.

Both Vitamin K3 and Selenium have been studied for cancer prevention and treatment.

There is a thesis written by the Karolinska Institute in Sweden in 2009 that successfully used selenite as a natural chemotherapeutic agent.

According to the NORI protocol, which Candice utilized, “Cancer cells are triggered to self destruct (apoptosis) when exposed to sodium selenite at low concentrations. Normal healthy cells are unharmed unlike treatment with conventional chemotherapy.”

According to a finding done by the European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry , Vitamin K3 can destroy cancer cells when taken in combination with vitamin C. Cancer Cell International published a similar finding from another study in 2011. In 2008, the Anticancer Research wrote that that K3 is useful against pancreatic cancer, while the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published that all forms of vitamin K help prevent cancer in general.

The videos below are a short and a long version of Candice’s story:

Candice has been absent from the internet because of the hate she received from some people.

They credited her recovery to the initial radiation treatment, while other pointed out that one of the sources she used for her natural protocol was a Nutritional Oncologist, not an M.D.

Her case is not the only one surrounded by doubt and skepticism, because when a patient uses both conventional and natural treatment, people are keener on believing that the conventional treatment does the biggest part of the job.

Even though there are isolated cases where cancer was eliminated only by conventional treatment, people disregard the negative side-effects of it.

And then there’re people who beat cancer thanks to utilizing both treatments.

Science doesn’t deny that organic food and proper diets can treat a disease. But, every human being has a different organism and different methods of treatments work for each of us. Yet, it is not justified to discredit one method just because it worked on someone, but didn’t on someone else. Many people visit a naturopath in order to find their proper way of healing, but pharmaceutical companies are still in the lead.

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