They Heal The Hardest Diseases – Here’s Why You Should Not Dispose Of Carrot Leaves!

Do not throw them anymore.

Do not throw the leaves of carrots because they contain proteins, vitamins and minerals.

The leaves of carrots contain six times more vitamin C than carrots themselves. The leaves are an excellent source of calcium and chlorophyll, they clean the blood, lymph and adrenal glands of toxins. They strengthen bones and muscles and improve vision. There are large amounts of potassium and vitamin C in the carrot leaf, this lowers blood pressure, participates in the normalization of metabolism, protects against osteoporosis and heart diseases.

Greek doctors have put the leaves of the carrot in the list of 600 plants that are effective in treating cancer. In homeopathy, carrot leaves tea is used as a diuretic to treat kidney diseases and reduction of bloating.

The juice of the leaves can be used as an antiseptic mouthwash. By chewing these leaves you will eliminate bad breath, sores and bleeding gums. Because of the strong antiseptic properties, the carrot leaves can be mixed with honey and used to disinfect wounds. It contains substances that stimulate the work of the pituitary gland.

Warning: In Russian folk medicine the leaves of carrots are used for stimulating the uterus during giving birth, therefore women should not consume them during pregnancy.

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