These Curves You May Have On 45 Years

Laura Gordon is a fitness trainer and blogger from New York, 45 and body for which all of girls dreaming. It is an excellent example that training pays off and can beat the years.

When she started college, Laura obese about 10 kg. But found an appropriate solution.

“Use simple method, ate less than half. I had a late dinner, our macaroni with cheese for a snack, and get off and ordering pizza”.

While studying, he began work constantly sitting in an office. Soon she started training but wondered why her body doesn’t look as imagined. Realized that should seriously be concerned with nutrition, not only with strenuous exercise.

As Laura tells herself, something must be sacrificed.

In 2005 began to blog about her healthy “travel” to the desired line, today on Instagram to publish provocative photographs as proof that success.

What is most interesting, today Laura is 45 years old and has curvy body for who dreaming all of 20-year-old girls.

These Curves You May Have On 45 Years

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