These Are The Most Popular Tea Brands That Contain Illegal Amounts of Deadly Pesticides (must avoid at all costs)

According to studies, there are some tea brands that contain carcinogen pesticides in amounts high above the US and EU limits! Among them are brands that claimed to be organic or pesticide free!

Companies don’t always wash the teas, so pesticide residues remain in them.

A study published in the journal Food Research International showed cheaper tea blends are high in fluoride and thus raise the risk of numerous illnesses like kidney issues, bone tooth, and even cancer.

According to a research, there are high amounts of toxic substances like synthetic fluoride and pesticides in most conventional tea brands like Teavana, Yogi, Lipton, Tea Forte, Allegro, Celestial Seasonings, Tazo, Tetley, Bigelow, Republic of Tea, Twinings, Mighty Leaf, and Trader Joe’s.

The dosages of the toxins are unsafe and consuming these teas can result in numerous negative effects on health.

Some of the brands have 7 parts per million (ppm), while the allowed fluoride level is 4 ppm.

The fluoride is accumulated by the tea plants while they grow. This means, the older leaves are, the richer in fluoride they are, and cheap tea brands are usually made from them. Plus, they use smaller leaves which are higher in fluoride.

Moreover, research has found that decaffeinated tea contains higher fluoride levels than caffeinated tea.

But, this doesn’t mean that you should stop drinking tea, but rather purchase loose leaf tea and brew your tea from scratch, as tea bags include lower-quality leaves and are thus higher in fluoride.

You should also know that white tea has the least fluoride. We also recommend you to drink organic tea, since it is cultivated in a more sophisticated way, and the soil has probably been watered with purified water.


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