These Are Eight Holistic Doctors Who Mysteriously Died. They Knew This “Hidden Cure” For Cancer And Autism (VIDEO)

During the period from June 19th to July 23rd, eight holistic doctors died under unclear circumstances.

Everything started when Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, a well-known autism research, was shot in the chest soon after FDA raied his clinic. It appears that there is no certain motive, but most of the doctors who died had a common link – they knew what GcMAF was.

GcMAF is a vitamin D binding protein macrophage activating factor that is able to cure many incurable diseases such as cancer, autism and Parkinson’s. It is a crucial protein found in the immune system that prevents cancer cells to feed from nutrients.

GcMAF is naturally produced in the body, but an enzyme produced by cancer cells and viruses called Nagalase reduces GcMAF. Injecting GcMAF into the body strengthens the immune system and makes it more powerful in fighting and preventing diseases.

There are GcMAF products that are made in Europe, but one of the companies that produces it had been shut down by “overseas regulatory agencies”. Even though there are some sources from where you can find GcMAF, they are very careful woth giving out informations.

Dr. Bradstreet had treated 1100 autism patients using GcMAF and claimed that had 85% success rate saying that the protein reversed some or all of the autism symptoms within three weeks.

Many people who sccessfully cured their loved ones (people who suffered from autism, ovarian, breast and lung cancer) using GcMAF, left countless messages on Dr. Bradstreet Facebook wall about the effectiveness of the protein.

“His research was a threat to many representing huge financial losses in the hundreds of billions, if the direction his research was validating came to be accepted as ‘fact” a comment left on his page. “If Jeff’s strong suspicions are right regarding cause and causes of autism, legal actions against those corporations implicated would be staggering and possibly unprecedented in the history of world finance”.

The other doctors who had suspicious deaths were Dr. Bruce Hedendal, Dr. Teresa Ann Sievers, Dr. Baron Holt, Dr. Ron Schwartz, Dr. Nicholas Gonzales, Dr. Lisa Riley and Dr. Amanda Crews.

So far, there are still no proves that these doctors were killed or died because of the same reason.

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