There Is No Chance Of Getting Cancer: If You Have This In Your Hair, You Can Not Get This Fatal Disease

One of the most annoying things about hair are the forelocks. They are so stubborn that there is not a single comb in the world that can set them in place. Sometimes even gel can’t help and this can frustrate you even more. But, once you learn the following about forelocks, you’d be more than happy to have them, because they are your ‘guardian angel’.

According to the findings of some scientists, there is a link between the forelocks and and genetic predisposition that protects the body against cancer. So, as it turns out, the stubborn forelocks appear only on people who have so-called” polarized cells.”

A protein that prevents cancer is part of a large family of proteins that control cell division, DNA replication and cell self-destruction. When scientists gave that protein to insects in order to examine anticancer properties, they noticed the strange phenomenon – forelocks.

Researchers believe that forelocks in human have similar causes, and it could represent a revolutionary discovery if confirmed.

So, the next time you are upset about your hair not being the way you want it to be, remember that it’s because you have good genetics that prevent you from suffering from cancer.

Future research will be conducted in order to take advantage of this phenomenon to produce a better and more effective chemotherapy.


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