The U.S. Government Finally Admits Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells

Finally, after so many scientific proofs on the anti-cancer properties of cannabis, the US government recognized the positive results.

Unfortunately, there’s been a lot of cases in medical history where cures weren’t accepted because ofetnly they are bad for profit. Such is the case with cannabis.

A while ago, the US government and the National Institute of Health (NHI) have admited that cannabis can kill cancer cells without causing additional damage to the body, unlike radiation and chemotherapy which are the most offered treatments by the medicine.

Scientific proofs show that cannabinoids and cannabidiol, the two compounds present in marijuana are the effective eliminatores of cancer cells. So, the effects can be reached with smoking the herb, drinking tea made of it and even eating it in baked goods can has its benefits.

Cannaboids can help in reducing the risk of colon cancer and in treating the disease. They can also effectively fight breast cancer and lung cancer. Another bennefit of them is their usefulness in easing the nausea caused by chemotherapy and improving the appetite lost during the treatment.

While the pharmaceutical companies gain profit of hundreds of billions from chemotherapy, the NHI in America has spent over $90 billion trying to find a cure for cancer, and while all of this was kept a secret in the US, in Britain, the media have already been sharing informations about the usefulness of cannabis.

In June when the the additional review of the Public Health Service was removed and allowed research on the benefits of cannabis to continue, it still wasn’t shared by the media for the pharmaceutical and law enforcement industries to keep profiting from the illegal status of marijuana.


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