The Secret Of Perfect Shaving (VIDEO)

Surely you happened during shaving to cut your face or after the process the face be irritated. During the childhood the guys watching their older brothers or fathers as shaved, so usually they learn the process by them.


However, sometimes they are wrong and happened to cut or pounce their faces. If you want to shave as professionals, it is enough to follow a few key tips…

  • Before shaving wash the face with warm water and mild soap. It softens the beard and facilitates shaving.
  • Apply enough foam or shaving gel. It will cover the fine pores of the skin with a protective layer and make it easier to slip razor.
  • The razors with a lot of blades are more efficient because it moves several times passing the same bristle.
  • Such of razor should not knock the sink to turn off the bristles, because it can disrupt the schedule of blades and reduce the razor lifetime.
  • The beard should shave with easy movements, should not press and the first of all you need to scroll the razor in the direction of bristle growth, and then in the opposite direction.

Check the VIDEO… (this is how looks ideal shaving with appropriate razor)

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