The Sad Story Of The Brave Little Girl She’s Only 8 Years Old And Suffer From Breast Cancer (VIDEO)

It is normal to think that breast cancer only affects mature women, and sometimes even men. But, shockingly, the 8 year old Chrissie Turner from Utah is the youngest breast cancer patient.

She was diagnosed when her mother took her to the hospital after Chrissie complained to her of feeling something strange in her chest.

“It was a Sunday afternoon, when Chrissie came and told me ‘Mom, I have something here, there’s already a while, I’m afraid’. I was in shock. The next day we took her to the doctor, and on 9 November, we received the terrible diagnosis. No child should be going through something like this” said Annette, Chrissie’s mom.

According to doctors, Chrissie’s cancer is due to genetic predisposition, since her mother used to suffer from cervical cancer and her father from cancer of the lymph nodes. The only mystery is why the disease attacked her at such a young age.

“With all my heart and mind I believe that my daughter will recover” said Annette. Usually, kids at this age don’t understand the seriousness of these kinds of situations, but Chrissie shows incredible courage.

“I was kind of scared to find out what was happening to me. But I think I will be all right” said the brave little girl.

The doctors from the Children’s hospital where Chrissie is admitted are positive because the disease was detected in time.

“This form of cancer is rare, but can be treated. After chemotherapy Chrissie will have the mastectomy, in order to remove the remaining breast tissue. So we will do everything that her cancer not returns” said Chrissie’s doctor, Dr. Brian Butcher.

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